Modern Indoor Planters for Snake Plants

Indoor Planters I recently picked up some Sanseviera plants, more commonly known as the Snake Plant or Mother in Law’s Tongue. Now I need some awesome planters to put them in. I am debating between the Case Study Planter with Stand or the PODs Planter Version 1.0 Half Skirt and Stand. As you can see I really like that leggy look a stand gives you. Both of these are similar in price, but if budget isn’t an issue I would suggest the Vessel Architectural Pottery Planters and Stands.  I’m planning on getting them in white. I really like the matte finish of the Case Study Planters but I also like that the legs are black on the POD Planters, plus how cool is that shape. You could mix one on a stand with one of the floor like Hither & Thither or use multiple different planters like Emily Henderson did for the Moby pop up.  I think I’m leaning towards a pair in different sizes since I have two of the same plant but in different colors (one is dark and one is variegated).  If the plants had different shapes I would want to mix the shapes of the planters as well. I might pick up a third plant, a different variety that has wider/rounder leaves, and get one of the planters that sit on the floor (Case Study with Plinth or POD Planter Full Skirt). I don’t really think any of these planters are a bad choice. so whichever one we choose I’m sure it will be amazing!


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