Finding Beauty

Cheek, Nose and Cupids bow

Have you ever looked at your face. I mean really looked at your face. Not getting ready for the day or finding flaws, but have you ever really looked at yourself. If you did I’m guessing that you, like me, would be pleasantly surprised to find that you are in fact actually quite lovely. Too often I get hung up on how horrible my skin is or how much I currently hate my hair that I forget about my face. The face that is my husband’s favorite and my daughters’ greatest comfort. But beyond that, when you remove the whole that makes it you, I think you can start to appreciate the beauty of yourself. I believe in finding beauty in all things. I search for it in the things for my home, the clothing I wear, the names for my children (current and future). If it is tangible, I want to make it beautiful. This of course extends to myself as well. I think so many people assume that you are either beautiful or you aren’t. I think they are wrong. I think that it is all in how you present yourself.  The whole is greater than the sum it’s parts if you will. (Gestalt for any other artist/designers out there) There are patterns that exist within all of us; proportions, shapes, colors. Patterns that when repeated, create comfort, and in that comfort is where we find beauty. How will you be able to identify these things and furthermore re-create them if you don’t even truly know what you look like? Beauty is important. Knowing your own beauty is a powerful thing. But you have to work to see it, and you have think about it to enhance it. I have recently found Into-Mind by Anuschka Rees of Berlin (thank you pinterest) who shares my beauty philosophy of thoughtfulness, planning and much more. I would highly recommend checking her out! I find it so exciting to cultivate myself into a thing a beauty and want to lead the way for my daughters to find their beauty as well.

“I’m going to make everything around me beautiful – that will be my life.”
– Elise De Wolfe