Mood Board Monday – Deck

Moodboard Monday - Deck

We have a small deck that I would like to make into a functional play space for the girls now that the weather is nice.  The floor is too rough for Vivienne’s little knees so I ordered this fun rug made out of recycled straws.  The wisteria vine was already established when we moved here and it is quite lovely when in bloom, the rest of the time not so much.  I got the large purple planters to help close off the sides by the door, we still need to get two smaller ones for each side.  I plan on using tall ornamental grasses in the largest planters, small flowering bushes in the medium sized planters, and blue fescue with some small flowers in the smallest planters.  I would also like to build some tall planters on either side of the steps to further close off the deck.  Of course a daybed, a grill, and a water/sand play table would also be on the ultimate wish list but we’re taking it one step at a time.


Outdoor Rug
Bronze Lanterns

Purple Planters


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